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Just Installed Windows 8.1. Does Anything Work On This OS


Windows 10 is here, it's amazing, and it's free for most of us… Do yourself a favor and take advantage of it. This is MY machine…my preferences, and MY opinion. I've had a good laugh, now back to work. loves windows 10 tech_e_guy you must not use it for very much, If all I were doing is updating facebook, playing candy crush, and looking at Bing to see what was have a peek here

Not only that, I cannot even load Facebook. They had to wipe the laptop clean and start over. If this update will not install, you can try these suggestions and see if they help you. I note your article mentions auto boot to desktop. http://www.askvg.com/guide-things-to-do-after-installing-windows-8-1/

Windows 8.1 Install Couldn't Be Completed

I'm convinced that anyone refusing to upgrade simply have not actually sat down and used Windows 10. If You Want to Perform a Clean Install: Back up your important files and make a list of all the programs you’ll want to install on Windows 8. with my personal workstation is quite nice. VG ^^ You can try alternate way by downloading and installing offline ISO file manually without using the official media creation tool.

Note the absence of any prominent "No" button.Microsoft made this change to the Windows 10 GWX application, in a patently obvious attempt to shove more users towards upgrading. Dan No, that's not my logic, you didn't understand, that's not what I meant to say, please leave, I'm embarrassed for both of us. AM using NVIDIA GeForce GT640 4GB gracphics VG ^^ Did you try following? Windows 8.1 This App Wasn't Installed When installing windows 8.1 pro, it comes to the time when i got the message telling me that "windows 8.1" failed to install.This kept reappearing for more than 3 tries.

Reply Keith Brooks September 24, 2013 at 5:20 am Chuck: Not if you have Windows 8. 8.1 is free for Windows 8 user's. If so, stuff that I'll leave Windows 8 as Windows 8! If using the Metro IE, when I touch the address bar, the OSK pops up every time. http://www.askvg.com/fix-your-windows-8-1-install-couldnt-be-completed-something-happened-error-message/ VirtualMark I have to be honest, I actually like Windows 8 now.

I don't even work for Microsoft, and I laugh at all the complaints. Something Happened Windows 8.1 Installation Failed As far as what apps I run…I'm running every kind of graphics, sound, CAD, 3D design, animation, and communication software that I was able to afford. Don't turn off your computer." Or "Error: Failure configuring Windows Updates. Downloading at 0.1kbps to 0.8kbps.

Windows 8.1 Failed To Install

It takes them weeks to months to add in tiny changes, such as minimise to taskbar. get redirected here If you want to use a OS or Application you should also try to find out how to find the easier ways to Controls and features, a lot of People whining Windows 8.1 Install Couldn't Be Completed Kudos! Windows 8.1 Won't Install How best can we safely acquire any critical security updates for Windows 7 Professional without having the Windows 10 "upgrade" (which we do not want) automatically downloaded and jammed down our

Reply Ahmed September 25, 2013 at 8:29 am Still on Windows 8 and can't wait for the 8.1, i've test it and play around with it in Virtual machine and yes navigate here Eric Cummer I had 8.1 and had no problems with the first install. Please help!!! 0 1 year ago Reply Mauro Huculak Have you tried downloading the installation files from another machine? 0 1 year ago Reply bulgar4e How about fixing a daily blue But since you make a habit of showing this maybe you could work on your lines. Windows 8.1 Installation Has Failed

but no bs. If Vishal Gupta has time, maybe he can upload and xml file that can be imported into task scheduler for everyone to implement this tweak easily. Some drivers won't update properly. Check This Out Click the Update to Windows 8.1 button.

It's 6 files. Windows 8.1 Something Happened Setup Has Failed To Determine Supported Install Choices Note how Metro apps can now be minimized to the Taskbar.Life after updating Windows 8.1If you're a mouse-and-keyboard person, you will find that the latest version of Windows 8.1 makes the Metro jonzey231 Thanks!

Can someone tell me how to fix this?

Otherwise we might just have to wait for April 8! close That is particularly why I didn't ask you anything. You can remove this folder with the help of following tutorial to reclaim free disk space: [Tip] How to Get Extra Free Disk Space in Windows? === === === === === Windows Is Getting Your Windows 8.1 Upgrade Ready They aren't because they work with other devices.

Screen goes black for a few seconds. Denise Chatham My tablet software quit working, and I get an error message saying it's not compatible with Windows 10. redirect cortana searches to google and let me know how stable the windows 10 platform behaves. http://worov.com/windows-8-1/need-help-with-windows-8-1-product-key.html was restoring my system April I couldn't take that Windows 10 with all those "critical error died" blue screens so I did a clean reboot of my operating system to Windows

I dont know whether such version is available on torrents, etc or not. As far as I can determine everything has been updated. Joe I have the same problem, and there is no other update I can install except Silver light. Check out following tutorial to fix the issue: [Fix] Windows 8 Not Available for Download or Purchase in Your Country or Region PROBLEM 5: Windows 8.1 Download Failed or Getting 'Access

Next type the following and hit Enter: DISM /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup You can read more what StartComponentCleanup does, in this post titled WinSxS folder cleanup.