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I can not upgrade to windows 10

How to restore my Administrator status

Initially HATED Metro

Import mail into windows 8.1 mail app

I'm having an interesting problem with my send to menu

IE proxy is hijacked and can't be changed

I can't get into my Documents folder.

ICC profile reset after reboot

I'm done with Windows 8

inaccessible boot device. winload.exe error on booting up

HP envy 15 J084ca Wifi adapter issues

I'm denied access to my own files on my own computer in 8

IE 64bit Issue After Reverting back from Win 10 (1 mnth in

If I upgrade to Win 8 can I use my Win 7 license on another computer

If I use the refresh my pc and start over option

Icons not responding to mouse clicks - aps won't launch

I cannot add any users to the system

Install Windows 8.1 upgrade (not OEM) on New Computer

Immersive Control Panel Bug

Install Windows 8.1 over preinstalled non activated win 7

I can't search anything from windows search

Icons in start screen Windows 8.1 changes

I'm having some problems in Windows .

Incompatible Driver Issue

Image slideshow - preferred app and speed

Incorrect DPI/scaling of desktop on ONE monitor

How to fix connection issue- ipconfig /renew /release

Indexing Options Pictures folder missing

Installation Problem

How to replace my Ethernet icon to the Wireless icon

in need of help with OEM win 8 istall and upgrade to win10

Installing two separate DirectX 9 updates - Any problems

Installation Issues

Install 8.1 over a factory W10 image

Installing update 4 of 8" .five hours later. Installing using UEFI USB installing video driver Installing Virtual XP in Hyper-V - Using old Win7 XP file Installing VirtualBox on Win8 Installing W8 as a VM with vmware EsXi - also works BUT : read Ins

in IE and some other apps the font is white

Installing Windows 10 issue & Partition question

Intel Rapid Storage Technology boot issue

Intermittent freezing

Intermittent ethernet since W10 upgrade.

Installation problems

I'm done with Windows 8/8.1 on my laptop.

Installing Windows with new hardware

Installing Windows 8 on SSD and move that SSD to a new PC

installing a program for 1 user not 4

Internet (LAN) disconnects after 5 seconds.

Installing TL-WN821N now causes continuous starup loop of death

Intermittent BSOD's 'ntoskrnl.exe+5b1f85'

Install question on new PC

Intel USB 3.0 issues still not fixed

Installed Preview and lost everything

Installed programs not opening on new user: uncommon issue

Internet connection problem throug Laptop Network port

Import Microsoft Calender and Contacts into Windows 8

Installed Win 8.1 last night. Already broke it :(

Internal HD listed under Portable Devices

IE 10 Favorites dysfunctional or am I missing something

Information on Usage of Win8/UEFI and Win8/BIOS

I want to do a Clean All install on my SSD.

Is Defender and malwarebytes pro secure enough for banking

iPad driver lost

Installing to a new SSD via Upgrade Assistant.

Installed Win8 wont activate after clean install

How to view folder containing desktop background image

Invalid IP configuration with a different twist

installing Metro/Windows Store apps on alternative drive

Image doesn't fill screen after BIOS update

Intel Processor is running high after upgrading Windows

Internet access in Desktop but not in Start Screen.

Installing Windows 8 on an iMac(2012) using Parallels

Is Start Menu really matter

internet slow after updating wireless lan driver

Is it legal to upgrade to Win 8 Pro from the Free Preview Edition

Is there a way to get explorer columns with large icons

Internet adapter issues

is there a fix for these. strange windows things

Issue With All Windows Title Text After Installing Theme

Is there a way to not show Modern Apps in the Taskbar

Is Microsoft forcing Update to reactivate Mine just did

Is Win 8 Pro Volume license eligible for upgrade to Win 10

Intermittent freezing of Asus desktop PC

issue after update

Is Admin account an security risk

Is my windows update legitimate

Is need to to initiate Hibernation in Windows Control Panel

Is there a way to massively remove all pinned apps in Win 8 Start Menu

Is it legal to use windows 7 os files under windows 8

irql_not_less_or_equal boot loop

Is Windows 10 Good To Upgrade To

It seems like Microsoft might make a bigger effort for WMC.

Is there a way to avoid login when switching accounts

Issues with W8.1 Nvidia drivers from Windows Update

Is there a way you can change the metro UI tile icons!

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD while playing games

Is it me or is the metro app selection absolute junk

Is there a way to custom resize metro cards

Is it possible to change the colour of the touch keyboard

Is there a software that keys you have multiple desktops

Issues changing Windows 8 Mail password

Jump lists and pics

Jumping to Windows 10

Is Windows 8 + Wiimote the perfect HTPC setup

kaspersky uses 100% of disk when i launch a game

Issues while creating Windows 8 System Image

Jittery sound when playing music/video games (Win 8 Pro)

Is Windows Defender for Windows 8 enough

iTunes Crashes on Startup

internet time wrong

Installing Windows 8.1 as non-UEFI

Issues with Win 8 Pro install

Is this normal on my Start Screen

keep getting errors when I run sfc scan after DISM fix

Intel Ethernet Adapter Not Connecting

Internet randomly loses - DNS/DHCP error/driver issue

Items pinned to taskbar and clock are missing after upgrad

Jumplist swipe up behavior problem

Internet works in desktop but not in start screen

June Updates make my screen blinking

Issues with Windows Store

IRQL - Blue screen - endless restart loop

intel drivers and shutdown errors.

Kaspersky Internet Security and Speccy

Is anyone able to see an 8.1 shared drive from XP

Installing Windows on second pc

Keyboard does not pop up automatically when in text box

Issues with USB Root Hub (Code 19 error) and more.

Lag/Delay in Explorer when Renaming Copying Creating Files

keep windows from changing folder dates

LAN conection problems

Laptop constantly sleeping (2mins or so)

Laptop flashing black screen


Is there a way to sign out the current when shutting down

Laptop reinstalled Windows by itself + other errors

Keys for boot phase

Latest Windows updates removes hand to close apps

Kmode_exception_not_handled bsod

Legacy programs in Win 8

Lan adapter problem

Kernel-PnP warning

Is there a way to move taskbar tabs individually

laptop shuts down at night - supposed to stay in sleep

Is there a way of activatng Windows 8.1 Pro N Edition

Is it possible to reduce windows 8 installion files size safetly

Internet Reverts To Desktop When opened From A Tile

Laptop won't boot into Windows 8.1 after Windows 10 Update

Laptop stuck in restart loop

Is anyone on here happy with windows 8

is it possible to disable login option

Laptop taking a very long time to do updates

Laptop would power down after shutdown.Sometimes 0x9f BSOD

Laptop going into standby instead of turning off display

Let's tell MS what we think of Windows 8

Lack of W8 Language Packs could delay some people in upgrading

laptop win8 pro stops at start up with 4 GB memory

Language switch problem using Surface

issue with Windows

License terms of $40 upgrade offer

License to use windows

License Transfer to New Computer

laptop brightness control problem

Laptop stopped showing jpg's.

Laptop taking ages to shut down

Laptop restarted from hibernate

Issues with store apps only - on new user accounts

Link in Startup folder doesn't start on computer boot

Keep the full name of a local account

Laptop is slow to hibernate when on battery

Live Tiles Not Working

Lid closed unable to reboot

Live tiles not working anymore

Language removed -- still getting Windows updates for it!

Laptop Crashes When I Close The Lid

Lock (not put to sleep) laptop on lid close

Lock Icons in Clock Area Part of Taskbar

Keep nothing. What will it do !

Local HDD listed in "Safely Remove Hardware"

Localization of icons in system dlls

Left Side Bar to Cycle through Metro - Stickying Desktop

location of desktop photos

Keyboard/Mouse Stop Working After BSOD only in BIOS

Links to programs on 2nd HDD after reinstall Windows

Logon to MS account slow

Lock windows when laptop lid is closed want a solution

lost wireless connection

Loop crashing explorer.exe | SFC & DISM fails

Lost admin rights on only account

Logitech webcam inop since

Lockscreen page not appearing at logon while BOOT UP

Laptop begins installing Windows

Lockscreen Slideshow is set up but does not start

Live photo tile

Losing sound on Metro tile screen

Laptop half-wakes from sleep by itself.

Logon on password box doesn't allow me to enter text

Local and Microsoft account name problem

Lost administrator privileges

Local and Microsoft accounts on same PC

Lost 15 GB over the past months for nothing. realized now

Login Picture

Loss of Network Connectivity After Automatic Update

Login (not lock) Screen Background

Local and MSFT Accounts

List of free Windows Store Apps recommended by our users

Lost E: drive_recovered it but media won't play

Lose Wifi Network Detection after new adapter install

Lost Windows 8.1 Pro after restore

Location of Start Screen Backgrounds

Logitech Mouse & Win 10

Lost BCD in UEFI PC. Can't get into OS

laptop doesn't shut down nor wakes up from sleep

Main Display Issue with Metro Apps

Low memory warning with plenty of free RAM left

Lower resolutions make smaller screens on my laptop

Maintenance before system-image-backup

Lots of Problems after Refresh - what is the best solution

Major Flaw in Windows 8 Slow Browsing on Chrome

Mail and People not Syncing after October Update

Lost folders (Documents etc) after moving to second HD.

lost all administrator rights.

Major Windows problem

Login Error- there is no password prompt

Logon problem - 'pc offline' and password not recognised

Keyboard doesn't work on startup and weird UAC prompt

Make my favorites be expanded by default in Windows Explor

lock screen to file

log in picture

May have Virus - Computer restarted

key is not the right key for this version of windows

Making Date/Time always show on start screen

Make A Window Smaller Along With It's Content

Maximizing windows and moving windows over trillian

mail app from start screen doesn't start default program

Lost/Deleted user account and the Temporary acount problem

Media Centre Doesn't Play Region 2 (Europe) DVDs

Make close button larger

Locked out due to different language on login screen

Lower left popup icon

Mail App Contacts

Lumix RAW Codec 64bit for windows 8.1 needed

Logon on waking from sleep mode

Mail App not Syncing Properly

Lost my Dolby sound in win 8

Lockscreen Photo Location

Media Creation Tool ISO

Mail and People Apps stopped working

Letters are not shown in particular apps -> white boxes

Making backup of recovery files from usb drive

Make custom metro box ICONS for pinned stuff

Messed up sound

Metro Apps stop working one by one

Looking for Validity FMA driver download

Messed up unnamed partitions on new Dell computer

metro apps couldn't be maximized

Live Tiles missing.

Make Login Screen Show All Users Without Scrolling

Many problems since upgrading from 7 to Windows 8

Metro Apps Crashing

Metro apps do not recognize internet connection

Metro apps don't working

Limited Connection on Ethernet

Lost admin rights in Win 8

Merge Domain User Account with Local User Account

Manage Audio Devices won't pop-up

Memory usage slowly climbing without processes running

Log-in Screen has Disappeared!

Login screen wont let me put in password


Metro Apps Not Working After Default Drive Change

memory dmp deleted

menus on wrong side

Metro Apps on Desktop

LOTS OF BSOD's gaming.

Metro side by side windows doesn't work

Login screen account list only shows last domain user

Lost Windows 8 Calender Entries

metro apps Calendar doesnt open

microsoft account question relating to windows 8

metro apps are not working.please need help

Lowering sound volume and detecting headphone problems!

Metro Apps Crash to Desktop or Don't Operate Correctly

Metro Apps crash when they open

Laptop won't turn off screen and play slideshow

Messed up DPI of modern UI on one monitor

Metro apps and titles won't open

Metro App's crash on start up

Microsoft is spying on us!

Metro apps no longer start

Microsoft signin password error.

Microsoft Music Update - Loss of Control Panel Functions

Microsoft Store tile not working

Metro apps closing

Metro apps opening randomly

Manage the pop-up help tips

Metro apps fail when device joined to the domain

Metro apps don't open without reboot - sporadic

McAfee Internet security suite NOT COMPATIBLE with WINDOWS 8

Metro app to show info from website on tile

Missing Enhancements Tab

Memory management Error

Metro Applications Won't Remember Stored Information

Logon Screen with multiple users

MiniPC with no screen - change native resolution

Missing Folder C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

Microsoft pushing Windows 10 upgrade AGAIN

Metro apps updates

Missing App tiles / Can't find app using search

Mic through headphone

Metro Apps not working after migrating From HDD to SSD

Migwiz Deleted From Registry ( GeekSquad)

microsoft account issues - cant log in! wont accept passwo

Mixed Language display in Windows 8.1 pro preview

Microsoft office 2002 XP compatability

Modern UI Apps won't launch all of the sudden

Momentary freezing/hanging

More (smaller) Tiles for the Start Screen

Microsoft Apps in Windows Store problem

More DPC_Watchdog_Violation

Move partition to the left that is more than 1/2 the disk

mouse palmchecking

Mouse stalling momentarily whilst switching applications

massive number of corrupt files - scannow

Most of my applications no longer show on Start or search

Missing troubleshoot tile in advanced startup

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Crash. Fresh Install

Missing RAM

Modern Apps Kicking to Desktop (not crashing)

Mouse not working after update.

Motherboard failure! Windows 8 Pro license transfer

Microsoft Word IssueI need help ASAP DX

Mouse Resets On Reboot

Monitor not going to sleep

Malwarebytes blocked sites in Sandboxie

More metro ui start screen open apps.

Missing or Corrupt Files - Detected SFC Output

Missing "pin to taskbar" icon on the apps page

Mini PC Issues with remote login ie; teamviewer

Microsoft virtual network adapter not working

Microsoft Apps in Windows Store (8.1) problem

Missing Favorites

Midi and Windows 8

Mouse settings.do they sync to any system you sign on

Modern apps not connecting to certain online services

Minimized windows disappearing

Move to and copy to on explorer ribbon.

mount .bin.cue files

Moved from Win 7 to Win 8

Most metro apps crash immediately after opening

Modern UI Search getting stuck

Moving Contacts from Windows Contacts into People App

moving mail from vista

Metro Applications disappearing when opened.

Missing sound in speakers after a few videos.

Move XP 64 VM from non-bootable Win 7 64 to win 8

Missing Start Button Workaround

Metro interface fonts not crisp

Microsoft office outlook 10 User tile

Modify the Start Screen (Please)

Mouse settings not saving; changed back after reboot

Lost USB ports after Win 8.1 update can't log in

More Second Screen Issues (Second Screen Default Settings)

most metro apps not loading

Move Taskbar clock

Moving folders broke Metro

Mouse disapears then windows crashes/freezes

Metro apps no longer loading

microsoft store apps were installed can't see or find them

Multiple problems on Windows Setup

MTP driver apparently OK but not in explorer

Multiple BSOD on my Pc

Multiple accounts on same Win8 machine - questions

Move SoftwareDistribution by junction command

Multiple Windows Operating System Issue

Multiple monitors - task doesn't move between taskbars

Mobile connects to Windows 10 Hotspot but NO Access

Mail & People Apps Messed UP!

Missing msflxgrd.ocx file

my alt+f4 and refreshing shortcut f5 is not working

Moved HDD with Windows 8.1 to new CPU/MOBO. Now no boot.

Microsoft needs to open up the calendar app

Multiple instances of the same printer

Msi laptop BSOD when using chrome/Systemserviceexception

Modifying start screen

My computer not sleeping

multiple C-drive entries in my navigatioon pane

Multiple instances of one printer

My Boot up has become very Slow since Windows Updates.

Multiple random BSODs - Windows 10

Migrating from RAID to SSD and switching to AHCI

MS potential strategy.Have BOTH Win 7 and Win 8 available for PCs

Missing GWX Icon

My laptop freezes whenever I click something.

Missing MSR partition after clean install.

must i have 8.1 installed in order to get Win. 10

Music folder on W10

MSConfig locked on selective startup.

My Alienware 14 problems

MSI GE70 runs Windows 8 randomly sends me to desktop

My Mini Win 8 Review as a desktop user

Need an .iso to do a clean reinstall

move WIN button on start screen to top-right

Mystery D: drive is blank

My non-working APPS fixed without a Refresh!

My Windows Upgrade Assistant gives me only 1 option.

My internet connection will not support 8.1 download

Missing efi files

must wake from sleep twice after win 8 upgrade from win 7

Mouse pointer freezing/stutter on desktop

My power plan keeps on changing to High Performance

multiple desktops

My Start button (& the Show desktop button) disappeared !

Mouse problems in Metro Style Apps

My computer Crashes on the metro screen upon start up!

Need help w/Windows 8 - text replaced by symbols!

My Metro apps got black screen and glitches.

Moving tiles in windows 8/8.1 up and down issue

Multiple BSOD erros. Random times.

my bluetooth adapter don't start

My next Windows 8 test box

My Bluetooth Mouse wont Pair. Heck it wont even show up!

Metro Applications and PC Settings don't start after click

Need Admin Permission after upgrade.

My wives account has disappeared of another computer.

Need an Image Viewer with "Scroll to Zoom" feature

MUST i upgrade to Windows 10

Need Help With Scripting The Recovery Image Process

My screen seems to keep reloading

Must troubleshoot Windows Update after EVERY restart

My Windows 10 Desktop Computer and new Windows 10 Tablet

multi core support in windows 8 preview

Need help creating a recovery drive.

My experience uploading Windows 8.1 with profiles issues

My Bluetooth ON/OFF Toogle switch has disappeared.

Network Adapter Crashing

Need to learn about win recovery

Need to downgrade windows 8 non-pro that was preinstalled

My computer seems to be rejecting Windows 8.1 free update

my windows 8.1 pro stopped playing any sounds

Need Help. Windows 8 fails on Windows Update

My Intel machine crashes freqently

My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Need help changing Username I input during Installation

My logic behind Microsoft's controversial decision: Removal of Start

My Windows Key doesn't work


Missing Programs

Msi gt70 onc - bsod

Need to upgrade with key only.

My Ethernet never responds to my Wi-Fi hosted network.

Need Help About Windows 8 Backup And Restore

Need to manually change 2nd monitor resolution

New crash on Win 8.1 on Asus P9X79 Deluxe

Need win8 long enough to install win10 - can't find my key

New Dell W8 Laptop- Slow boot time

New computer gets BSoD too often

Needing help with HomeGroup

New laptop.Updates failed.

new laptop speakers out control

Network Usage app show false data

Need help with my start menu! URGENT!

New laptop with preinstalled AntiVirus-should I remove it

My right click menu will not stay open in Windows Explorer

network adapter problems with my win8 upgrade

New build keeps crashing when waking from sleep.

network icon freeze

Networking with Win 8 and Win XP

my e-mail address in my Welcome screen

Network Adapter won't enable on laptop

Need Help with System32 File Access Permissions (I think)


Network Connection Problems

Network Connection Fails to Connect on Start up Randomly

New Laptop with OS 8 multi problems out the gate.

New mobo + ssd

Network driver problem

Needing Solitaire for Traditional Desktop

Multiple Standard User Accounts & APP Access Issues

Need windows 8.1 to STOP auto-rotating my photos

Need help with admin rights.

Need to force full shutdown of Windows 8 instead of hibern

New user without email address

New to SSDs: best practices for Win8 optimization

New Windows 8 Boot Menu Not Working!

new user. chrome icon doesn't connect me to internet

Network Adapter problem

new to windows need help

NAS not sharing!

Need to retrieve Program Files (x86) after system restore.

No ENGLISH language in my Control panel>Languages>add new

Need to recover windows 8 from windows 10 Help!

No drivers recognized in new windows 8 install on SSD!

Netwok connection issues. No LAN or WiFi

New Windows Update

No GWX Icon

No connection is found or driver HELP

My Windows 8 PC Wakes Up From Sleep With Wake Up Disabled

Network adapter is operating properly but won't connect.

No sound after installing audio drivers

No Sound in Videos - No changes Made to Laptop

No Log in Screen; unable to proceed further

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