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Knowledgebase Home » Knowledgebase » Pre Sales » Macrium Reflect Support, Updates and Upgrades Popular Articles Latest Articles Macrium Reflect Support, Updates and Upgrades Macrium Reflect Support, Updates and Upgrades Portable Application Support means that the USB stick can create Images of Workstations and Servers without installing Macrium Reflect and while the computer is running. Download the installer and PE components. Article has been viewed 26,760 times. this contact form

Bug Fixes: Free space threshold check-box not copied from defaults The default selection for free space threshold was not copied to backup definition files when creating a new definition. Enter the Offline key in the install dialog to complete installation. 3. File Split Retention Issue Retention rules could cause files not to be deleted on backup sets with file splits. This has been resolved. http://www.macrium.com/upgrade.aspx

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Default retention rules ordered incorrectly In the 'Edit Defaults' 'Retention Rules' property page, the selection for 'Backups', 'Days' and 'Weeks' was not in the correct sequence. This has been resolved. This has been resolved.

Dynamic Disk Imaging Issue Imaging of Dynamic Disk Volumes would fail has not been assigned. Rescue Media NVMe Issue Attempting to use an NVMe device in PE 10 could cause driver detection issues during rescue media creation. Bug Fixes 6.0.545 - 31th March 2015 Problem extending an NTFS file system when restoring An NTFS file system could be corrupted by extending the partition size on restore. Macrium Reflect Windows 10 Once the download is complete, you will find two new files in the folder saved to...

v5 upgrade of XML definition A v5 XML definition would incorrectly use the global v6 retention defaults if DSM was disabled in v5. Macrium Reflect Free If you require a specific PE versionThis will require two downloads. Bug Fixes Auto decryption of multiple BitLockered drives in PE An issue was reported where some BitLockered volumes were not being unlocked in Windows PE. Rescue media driver update Selecting a path with a very large number of files to scan for updated drivers could cause Reflect to crash.

Technicians USB stick improvement The Macrium Reflect Technicians USB stick will now ignore bad sector 'CRC' errors by default. Macrium Reflect Vs Acronis This has been resolved. 'Differential' option not available when selecting the 'Other Actions' menu in the 'Restore' tab The Differential backup option was missing if the backup was created with 'the This has been resolved. Search * Basket Upgrade to Macrium Reflect 7 Available now Buy nowDownload trial Already using Macrium Reflect?Upgrade/Renew Now Should I Upgrade?Find out why Business Home CMC Standalone Technicians CMC The Macrium

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This has been resolved. http://updates.macrium.com/reflect/v6/v6.2.1502/details6.2.1502.htm This has been resolved. Macrium Reflect Key Serial See this KB article for more information File & Folder Logs All columns are now sortable in the 'Files backed up' log report in the log view. Macrium Reflect 6 License Key This has been resolved.

This has been resolved. http://worov.com/macrium-reflect/macrium-v5.html It's also possible to provide a BitLocker Encryption Key (BEK) file on USB stick for additional security. This has been resolved. Maximum file size setting If the Maximum File size setting was changed mid backup set then the value from the Full image was always used. Macrium Reflect Review

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Restore Clean installations of Reflect would sometimes fail to extract the required files for the Mailbox Restore process. Email Article Print Article Bookmark Article Social Bookmarks... The support for the current version 5 is the same as that for the previous version 4. navigate here Bug Fixes Windows PE Image mounting failure When UEFI booting Windows PE rescue media, mounted images could fail to open in PE Explorer.

Auto Recovery Boot Menu on v6 Upgrade When upgrading from v5 to v6 if an incompatible v5 boot menu is detected it is now removed. Macrium Reflect Offline Installer This has been resolved. What's New 6.0.684 - 10th June 2015 Reflect v6 Free Edition Macrium Reflect v6 Free has now been released.

New features in Macrium Reflect 7 For more information on how to upgrade, please visit our Knowledge Base Please complete the following form to find out your upgrade options: How will

Windows PE Share Mapping Mapping a share to a drive letter in Windows PE with a trailing backslash in the share path would cause the mapping to fail. David Ritchie Ltd “I’m more of a utilitarian and the core features and how well they are implemented interest me. This has been resolved. Macrium Redeploy Related articlesv5 to v6 Upgrade FAQInstalling Macrium ReflectInstalling and updating Macrium Reflect offlineTroubleshooting installer issues No labels Overview Content Tools Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5.7.3, Team Collaboration Software Printed by Atlassian

Please note that when using Windows PE 10 it may be necessary to prepend the network user name with '.\' to successfully authenticate. This has been resolved. PE is now the default option for Windows 8.0 and later. his comment is here This version is for non-commercial home use.

The free edition is not supported although users do have access to view the Forum, Knowledge Base (KB) Tutorials, Help Tutorials and YouTube videos; but cannot post questions in the Forum. Date edit too long for some international settings The Scheduled Tasks date edit field was too short for certain languages. This has been resolved.